Bangkok City (As It Is) Through the Lens of Graham Meyer

If I had to find the quickest way to explain why people fall in love with Bangkok I would simply show them the photography of American photographer, Graham Meyer

Flipping through his candid photography of drunk people, street food and soi cats, you’ll see the most true form of the city, the unglamorous, unassuming, awkward and strangely entertaining lifestyle of people on the streets. 

The photo speaks for this city and somehow finds its way to speak for the photographer’s absurd sense of humor.

Born in Michigan, young Graham Meyer learned to love photography during his degree in Graphics Designs when he found himself taking photos for Electronic bands on tour and concerts in DC. Next thing he knew, photography had led him to the fashion scene in New York and eventually here in Bangkok where he’s been living for 10 years. 

“I think I communicate poorly with words and I think photography gave me a way to speak without having to open my mouth. It connects me with people and takes me places.. I wouldn’t be sitting here with you if it wasn’t for it. I think every human being has a reason for living, something they should define for themselves, photography is that purpose for me.”

Graham has published a few photography publications including ‘Mao Mak Mag’ series which featured a healthy amount of drunk people in it. His works have been exhibited in Thailand and Tokyo in the past 10 years. We are happy to announce that Graham is working to create some original material for Exotic Quixotic.

Check out more of his work on Instagram: Falsedigital