Boss Siriroj Explores New Artistic Path with‘Radio Head WORLD’

There’s no denying that NFT art has allowed artists of all stripes to express themselves in exciting new ways and let their work speak for itself. It’s happened more than once that we stumbled upon cool NFT art to only find out later that the artist was already an established name in the industry.

The artist today goes by the name of Sirirojo. His NFT music project ‘Radio Head WORLD’ captures the journey of an adorable character with a radio-shaped head set to different genres of music in surreal landmarks.  Sirirojo, as it turns out, is an alias of Boss Siriroj, a backup guitarist for Brajao Joke. 

From a guitarist to an NFT Artist

Like most NFT artists, Boss wanted to make extra cash during the pandemic to make up for the loss of income. He also wanted to make the most out of his skills as a musician.

Starting from scratch

“Although I’m an old hand in music, I’m very new to this scene. I had to learn things like 3D animation, MetaMask, and dealing with NFT transactions from zero. If you look at my early work, you’lll see that there’s still room for improvement. I eventually got better at it though.”

“NFT music is not just about putting out the music, you have to have a graphic element to go with it, which is why I created the character ‘Radio Head’ to act as a medium between me and the audience. This character travels to all these different landmarks and the soundtrack will change according to the location he visits. It’s not limited to lo-fi, EDM, pop or jazz, because I don’t think people just listen to one genre only. It depends on the mood and location.”

The essence of Radio Head
“To put it simply, ‘Radio Head WORLD’ is a way for me to share my music to my fans in a niche way. With the band, I have to make sure that it’s accessible, but with this project, I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to follow trends – I just communicate through this 360-degree 3D Animation.”

New-found fame
“I try my best to make sure that people like my work because of its own merit, not because of who I am. I try to talk to my fans through the Radio Head character on Twitter as much as possible. I want people to establish my name in that community.”

The challenge of being unknown
“I didn’t have any confidence in the beginning. On one hand, I was convinced that my work was of good quality, but on the other, I had doubts. I asked a lot of NFT artists for their tips and I tried to apply them as much as possible. Once it started to sell, everything felt good and I was so relieved.”

“The main concern now is the instability of the currency. I’ve lost thousands of coins in MetaMaska and the market isn’t doing so well right now. I’ll keep on improving my work, so that it gives good value to the buyers.”

Opening up to NFT Music
“You have to be open-minded to embrace NFT Music. It’s a shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and it’s got quite a different approach. I got some very good advice from Discord forum HarmoniesDAO and I don’t see why people who already art wouldn’t be open to this other form of music.”

“I see NFT as another way to spread my work to a larger number of audience. This gives them the opportunity to sell their own creations whether it's a painting, music or something else. on and on. It’s a way of communication that will keep continuing on and on.”

(Guitar solo by Radio Head 29 Gangster All Star)