Zeus Custom: the Art of Fascination

Motorbikes, to the general public, are regarded as nothing more than a form of transport that gets you from A to B. To others, these two-wheeled vehicles are more than meets the eye. And to lovers of custom motorbikes, especially, they’re treasured like a precious piece of art. Zeus Custom, Thailand’s leading shop for custom motorbikes, belongs to the latter camp.  

Calling Zeus Custom a “shop” for custom motorbikes probably doesn’t do it justice. This place functions more like a haven for people who are fascinated by custom motorbikes. Founded six years ago by two like-minded buddies Worawit “Moo Yong” Ruengchantanakul and Wuttinan “Not” Pakwiset, Zeus Custom is born out of their shared passion and has now grown into a solid community where “custom heads” congregate.  

Apart from being an object of affection, custom motorbikes are also a vehicle for their owners’ attitude and the design on these two-wheeled beauties reflect the personality of each rider. Likewise, Zeus Custom strives to craft the best custom design to suit every customer. Classic, unique and timeless, the eye-catching charm of custom motorbikes transcends eras.

Zeus Custom is not just a custom shop, but a source of inspiration for passionate riders. This works in favor of those custom heads who don’t know where to begin. With expertise in conceptual design, Zeus Custom provides its customers with honest, straightforward consultation tailored to their needs and budget whether it’s Café Racer, Bobber or Scrambler. All styles of custom are fully supported by parts from leading brands such as Triumph, Stallion, BMW, and Yamaha, to name but a few. As for the riders themselves, they can also find the best outfit and accessories to match their motorbikes right here. 

If you’re crazy about custom motorbikes but still don’t know where to start, make sure to drop by Zeus Custom. Not only will you learn the know-how from seasoned pros, you’ll also be surrounded by people who share the same passion as you. Finding your own tribe may be a challenge for most. For the custom heads at the Zeus Custom community, however, it’s as easy as a breeze.

Photos courtesy of Zeus Custom’s fan page