On Tour with Yellow Fang in 48 Hours

Join indie three-piece Yellow Fang on their crazy 48-hour road trip as they headlined three music festivals in three different provinces. What sort of mischief and adventure did Praewa, Pang, Pym, and their team get themselves into? Let’s start at their first stop, shall we?

La On Music Festival, Saraburi

The troop went straight from Bangkok to their first outdoor event, La On Music Festival, in Saraburi. The general vibe was super friendly and, since the girls were scheduled to play later in the day, it was also pretty chilled. Nothing too crazy here, just a little warm-up session before their next stops.

Photo credit: Yellow Fang

E-San Kiew, Khon Khaen

E-San Kiew is hands down Thailand’s biggest festival of music, art, and peace. Even though this was their first time at the festival, Yellow Fang were impressed with how real the audience and the venue were. They weren’t there just to play a gig, they were there to also enjoy the festival as a festival goer, camping among nature. When the night fell, everybody was caught off guard by how freezing it got. It got so cold that everybody had to huddle together over a bonfire. The girls, originally scheduled to play at 3am, had to delay it until 8am. Despite this little hiccup, they were warmly received by the half-awake crowd and the show went down as one of the most memorable gigs they’ve ever done.

Photo Credit: Yellow Fang

Mystic Valley Festival, Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchasima

After some much needed rest, Yellow Fang and their team got back on the road, heading to Mystic Valley, an electronic music festival in Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchasima. Unfazed by the five-hour journey, the girls wasted no time exploring the festival as soon as they pulled up, checking out other bands and dancing to different DJ sets. They also got great feedback when it was finally their turn to perform. The night concluded with a ‘khao tom’ afterparty, a late-night rice porridge feast.

Photo Credit: Yellow Fang

By the end of their 48-hour tour across the region, Yellow Fang emerged from the experience equally amused and exhausted. They also learned that staying fit was the most important thing, especially when you’re on the road, and that you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Last but not least, the trio would like to thank their fans for the continued support. See you all again on the road!

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