Honda Fest 2020 Asia’s Hippest “H Cult” Gathering

Principles, views, customs and traditions, these things often get distilled into a religion or a cult. Over time, people who share the same beliefs and interests develop their own set of practices and traditions that get passed down from generation to generation. It’s a kind of faith that brings like-minded individuals together.

However, the word “cult” isn’t just reserved for one thing. Given the opportunity, a certain population of car enthusiasts would not hesitate to proudly proclaim “hey, it’s not just a car, it’s a cult!” Zealous followers of Honda, passionately and collectively referred to as “H Cult,” come together on a regular basis to profess their love for this beloved Japanese make.

Honda Fest 2020, the most recent gathering of “H Cult,” was the biggest in Asia yet. Originally planned for May, this annual festival was almost cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19. However, the demand was so strong that the festival finally took place in late October at Pattaya’s Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. Park’s director Kampol Tansajja, or “Uncle Tong” as he’s locally known,” presided over the event with an attendance of more than 10,000.

Not only was it considered the Asia’s biggest platform for “H Cult” to talk about their love for the brand, Honda Fest 2020 was an all-free event where you could take part in plenty of fun activities from gigs and drifting shows (who said you couldn’t drift in a Honda??) to limited edition souvenirs and car exhibitions from various clubs around the country. Those who registered for this year’s event also stood a chance to win the fabulous grand prize, a 2020 version of the ‘90s icon Honda Civic EG HFTH.

Still, the highlight of Honda Fest 2020 had to be an exclusive showcase of “rare items” featuring a never-before-seen collection of unique Honda automobiles from different eras including legendary midship sports Honda NSX, one-of-a-kid Isuzu collab Honda Tourmaster, Honda Accord JACCS inspired by 1996’s Japanese Touring Car Championship as well as superb ‘90s beauties and modified cars.

A true haven for “H Cult” followers, Honda Fest 2020 is more than just an event. It’s a show of passion that’s increasingly gaining momentum each and every year. Got “H” in your DNA? Make sure to mark this top event in your calendar and we’ll see you there next year!