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Lukpeach On the Art of Healing Witchcraft and Self-Love

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Several thousand years ago, being a witch wasn’t something someone would dare to proudly proclaim. During medieval times, witchcraft was thought to be evil and often associated with the Devil and Devil worship. The rise of Christianity eventually led to a series of witch-hunts and witch trials, resulting in deaths, torture, and scapegoating of accused or suspected women.

In today’s world, however, witchcraft became accepted as a branch of modern Paganism and is mostly associated with self-help, healing, and divination rituals.
It’s no longer taboo to identify yourself as a witch.
To dive into the world of modern witches even further, EQ link up with Rapeeporn “Lukpeach” Tantragoon, an independent artist who identifies herself as a “healing witch,” her own approach to witchcraft that fuses psychology with spirituality to promote self-healing and self-love.

“What sets witchcraft from norms and conventions is the fact that It’s a very niche interest. Not many people know what it really means.”


How did you become interested in witchcraft in the first place?

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in things that most other people don’t find interesting. During my teenage years, I tried all these weird things and dressed differently from my friends. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I started to learn more about witchcraft and identify myself as a witch.”


“I fall under ‘Divination Witch’ which means that I’m well versed in tarot cards and communiting with the spiritual world. I call myself a healing witch because it reflects my interests in spirituality, divination, and psychology.”


“Being a witch means using things around you to heal yourself or other people.”


From fortunetelling to healing witchcraft

Lukpeach tells us that she used to enjoy fortunetelling until she realized that it didn’t really do much for her peace of mind. That’s when she decided to switch to healing witchcraft which combines spirituality with psychology.

“I would never tell people to make merit, release animals or go pay respect at a certain place. I’m not saying that those things are wrong. My approach is more psychological so I tend to focus on behavioral adjustment which can have a direct impact on their fate. I always tell my clients that it usually takes around 60-80 days to change their behaviors because that’s been proven psychologically and spiritually. I try to base everything on facts and truths so that they can look at their strengths and weaknesses and decide for themselves the kind of life they want to live.”


The art of healing witchcraft

“I read a lot of books and took some psychology courses. For spirituality, I trained myself through meditations or various practices. I also read books on witchcraft and see if there are techniques that I can incorporate into my routine like burning objects and making my own spells. Some witches create their own incantations and recite them while lighting candles.”


“A ritual that I perform quite often is ‘Burning Bowl Ritual’ or money burning. I basically write wishes and desires on a bill and burn it while reciting incantations. Each person has their own way of doing it – they can design their own method.”


“I combine spirituality and psychology in my sessions to guide people toward self-improvement.”


The role of healing Witch 

“People become witches for different reasons. For me, my reason has always been to help people. If I don’t feel mentally up to the task, I normally tell my clients and explain that to them. I want to give them positive energy that will inspire them to live their lives to the fullest. I want to help other people as much as possible in society full of chaos. I want to guide them toward light.”

“I believe that what I do can truly benefit them and give them positive energy so that they feel motivated to live their lives.”


The change within

“Having worked toward self-love, I feel that my mental health has greatly improved. It helps me direct my focus to what matters and I am able to see my strengths and weaknesses with a clear eye which leads to self-improvement in my everyday life. Emotionally, I’ve grown a lot more mature these past few years. I accomplished things that I didn’t think I could.”

“The core of witchcraft is training yourself toward self-love.”

Advice for aspiring witches

“It doesn’t matter what kind of witch you want to be, just go for it. I’d like to recommend a book called “Basic Witch” which gives you a basic introduction to the topic and also teaches you to love and take care of yourself. It’s definitely a good place to start if you’re interested in witchcraft.”

“I wish that everyone is free to be themselves, love themselves, and dare to be who they really want to be.”